Does Janam patri share the same trait as genome patri ?

Dr Ashok Panagariya – is renowned neurologist and a former Vice-chancellor

In my professional life of 25 years as a neurologist, I have witnessed many curious and exciting phenomena, which could be perceived as anecdotal or superstitious. As a scientist 1 kept on reading, listening to and analysing different theories or hypotheses proposed by scientists, philosophers and theologists. I always wondered whether there was only a numerical correlation between science, veda and philosophy or a functional correlation exists, which could be scientifically explained. And. can this correlation integrate objective science and subjective spirituality.

While involved in the management of critically ill patients, I observed their attendants reciting mantras, consulting astrologers, exploring other system of therapeutics and the well-wishers advocating the use of alternative therapies. It was an enigma at times, though not frequently, but occasionally, when patients survived defying the ‘scientific’ rationale.

The scientific and esoteric or spiritual traditions have remained clearly at odds since the time of Galileo. Each new scientific discovery resulted in widening of the rift between objective science and subjective spiritual aspect. The rift peaked in late 19th century and mankind was asked to choose between science and God. With newer discoveries in the 20th century science, the divide between science and philosophy is gradually getting blurred. For once, each is coming closer to the other. This augurs well for the new millennium because science that comes in terms with spiritual nature of mankind may outstrip the technological science of immediate past, in contribution to human welfare.


As time passed, my interest in occult sciences and in particular astrology grew and while understanding the basics at the beginning, I was quite excited to learn that in astrology, the natal chart was shown to have representation of whole body and organs in twelve houses – popularly known as the ”Kaal Purush’. Interestingly, further the birth chart with twelve houses and were assigned different aspects of dynamics of human life in relation to its past, present and future, The astrology is based on the concept of mathematics and intuition, what we call as “Ganit and Falit” akin to the debate on the existence and non-existence of God and Bhagya (Luck) versus Karma (Deed),

Once while studying several horoscopes of three generations in a family, including my own, 1 was amazed to see the transfer of placement pattern of the stars in different permutations and combinations from the father and mother’s horoscope to that of the offspring. This combination in the offspring presented his personal profile, his appearance, his behavior and gesturing, suggesting it to be either mother-dominant or father-dominant or a mix of the two personalities.

This stimulated the science in me and I thought of a wild co-relation between the gene transfer in Genomics and ‘stars transfer’ in astrology from parent to the offspring. In modern molecular biology and genetics, the genome is the genetic material of an organism. It consists of DNA, the protein storing maternal and paternal information of the mother’s and father’s gene handed over to the offspring. This DNA in the offspring determines his strength and weaknesses apart from the personality profile and is influenced by the environmental factors, which could be internal thought process and the external ones like the air, water or nutrients or the system issues. The ever increasing pollution in the environment and the rising stress levels injure the DNA and expose the subject to the development of non-communicable lifestyle-based diseases.

While, it may be an exaggeration’, I wonder whether Janma Patri (Birth Chart) has linkages with the Genome Patri i.e. the genetic map of an individual, but my observations on similarity between parental stars transferring to offspring in astrology and the transfer from parents to offspring could suggest this possibility; however, shall require a large scientific study, which we plan to undertake with my other scientists and astrological colleagues. In scientology, while Genomics is linear, predictable science, astrology is a nonlinear and an unpredictable one. Nevertheless, interesting observations add value to the future research in linear science targeting Vedic and occult science.

In continuity, therefore, I am tempted to mention “Bhagya” “Karma” theory in philosophy, real life and in astrology. While, the debate between atheist and fatalists over role of Bhagya and Karma continues in everyday society, there is an interesting observation in astrology that the Horoscope 9th, 10th and 11th houses successively represent – “Bhagya (Fate), “Karma” (work) and “Labh” (Profit/Loss) – respectively. To my mind, this sequencing is a suggestion that nature or fate provides opportunities, which you need to capture and work on solutions to bring success.

Hard work therefore always complements Bhagya but probably the ultimate success would always be in the word Lord Krishna in Geeta “Karma Karna Tumhare Hath, Fal Dena Mere Hath”. This debate shall ways continue between atheist; fatalist, probably till eternity.