Cosmos, brain and human beings — the LINKAGES

While the evolutionary scientists and the atheists negate the existence of a super human or a super scientist, widely acknowledged as God, but the more we learn about the amazingly complex structure and a unique organ of the body, the brain, and its relationship with nature and the cosmos, the temptations tend to tilt in favour of the fatalist rather than the atheist.

Interestingly, the morphological similarities of walnut and the brain, beans and the kidney and banana and apple with other organs of the body could not be just coincidence, since coincidences in physics are extremely rare and there is always an explanation which may not be immediately obvious.

While updating myself with the developments in the brain, I found an interesting piece by Rania Hanna: “the brain is the cosmos, the brain structure is the structure of the universe. The morphological similarity between the photographs of cosmos and THE brain, respectively are so amazing that one is reminded of the Hindu beliefs that planets, stars and the cosmos could have linkages with human beings through the brain acting as a micro-cosmos (Sukshm Brahmand).” Curiously the brain occupies a privileged position in the human body utilizing 50% of the overall gene pool and has neurons equal to the numbers of stars in the Milky Way.

Several recent finding suggest that the structure of universe and the laws that governs its growth may be more similar than previously thought to the structure and growth of the human brain and its complex network. The brain being modelled as the universe could have passed through similar explosions and processes that created the universe, our bodies and our brains. Perhaps the process of evolution, the driving force behind development of all species, is fine-tuned and monitored by a hitherto unknown factor.

This newer scientific development may bring us closer to explanations of interrelationship between ‘Sukshm Atma’, ‘Atma’ and ‘Parmatma’ and the attainment of cosmic consciousness through meditation influencing the right brain whose relationship with the universe is well established.