Special Interests

Rural Services in Epilepsy

Dr. Panagariya’s rural background pushed him to take up the cause of managing and creating social awareness in rural areas about Epilepsy which is ridden with superstitions and ignorance. He initiated, possibly the first, Rural Epilepsy Clinic in India in a small town Gulabpura, about 100 kilometers from the Jaipur with the help of an NGO. After about 10 years, the rural epilepsy clinic in Gulabpura in the Bhilwara District which started with a very small number developed to attract about ten thousand epileptics. This was a unique successful model of a partnership with the local NGO which not only helped the individuals in distress suffering with a superstitious disease like epilepsy but also filled up the lacuna of unawareness. Dr. Panagariya also used this opportunity for social rehabilitation by asking the family members not to indulge in alcohol, smoking, and preserve the environment by growing one plant each in the name of their epileptic child. It was a free treatment including the investigations and those who got cured were asked to meet new patients to build up the confidence amongst the epileptic patients. With the experience of running the centre, public awareness programmes were periodically conducted all across the State. Apart from epilepsy, diseases like Stroke, Parkinson’s, Dementia were also discussed.


He is the current chairperson of DISHA—a non-profit voluntary organization for rehabilitation of mentally challenged children.

Neurology Care and Research Society:

Dr. Panagariya also started a non-Government philanthropic organisation in 1986 which takes care of poor, orphans and widows. The NGO also sponsors Postgraduates for conferences and short neurology courses, Public awareness programmes on epilepsy, stroke, Parkinsonism, and Alzheimer’s.

Moving from Science to Philosophy and Occult Science

Dr. Panagariya experienced certain instances in during the practice of clinical Neurology, which he thought, were beyond human comprehension, often termed by the layman as ‘miracles’. This inspired him to learn the art and science of astrology and acquaint himself with extra sensory perceptions, and subsequently his interest developed in the, “Brain, Mind and Body Medicine” and Neurotheology. He was also invited by the Dalai Lama Foundation for a delivering a talk in the India International Centre, Delhi on “Science of mind and the way to happiness”. Dr. Panagariya free lance journalism and contribute in national news papers and magazines. He also delivers lectures on Brain, Body, Mind and Spiritualism.

To look into the science beyond human computerization, Dr. Panagariya ventured into occult science of Astrology. This helps in looking things in holistic manner for large benefits of mankind.

Social/Philanthropic Aspect

Dr. Panagariya is the Chairman of DISHA, an internationally recognized institution for the mentally challenged children. Dr. Panagariya is appointed as the Chairman, IMC, ITI, Jalore (Rajasthan). Last but not the least he also does not forget how to serve the “have not’s”. Dr. Panagariya also started an NGO in 1986 and since then has been providing services to the needy through the Neurology Care and Research Society, which supplies free drugs to poor, orphan and widows. The NGO also sponsors Postgraduates for conferences and short neurology courses, Public awareness programmes on epilepsy, stroke, Parkinsonism and Alzheimer’s.

Journalistic Aptitude

Dr. Panagariya has been contributing to various English and Hindi Newspapers on Political, Social and General issues. Lately he have been contributing a column to DNA and Rajasthan Patrika on Brain, Mind and Body Medicine.


During his long career in neurology, many instances happened appearing beyond human comprehension, which attracted him towards the occult sciences like Astrology. His father being an academic astrologer gave him insight into it. It was fascinating to understand and learn that astrology is perhaps the only science which deals with past, present and future and also about all the aspects of human life. He found it to be a very useful tool in counseling, as a stress buster and also sometimes revealing on health issues and of course a very fascinating area of optimism and ‘bolt’ from ‘blue’ happenings.

Tail Piece

Thus, he is rare breed of individuals with a blend of brilliance in academics, teaching, research and innovation, which make him a very successful professional, a visionary and able administrator, who fulfills social responsibility as well. He is credited with unique contribution by initiating the largest Rural Epilepsy clinic in India, thus management of a superstitious illness in rural setting.

Special motivation programmes

Dr. Panagariya plans to conduct special motivation sessions (on appointment) to all the age groups with different kind of medical or non-medical issues, which shall include personality analysis, solutions to the problem creating a future vision and motivating the individual to push himself towards the goal, when necessary the occult science like astrology can also be used empirically to facilitate solutions.