Jaipur doc exploring if ‘stars’ get transferred like genes

Jaipur: In Jaipur, a former health university vice-chancellor and a practicing neurologist is scouring through heaps of horoscopes of three generations or more in a family and studying their natal charts when he is not prescribing medicines.

Not far from him, in the same city, a professional astrologer consulted by many intrigued by their future, is attempting to weave a pattern in the horoscopes of father and daughter, mother and son and their youngest generation.

And, in Bhopal, a genetic scientist is mapping the genes of subjects whose horoscopes the other two are tediously scanning and deciphering.

These are three professionals working on a fantastic theory, which if proven would change the way we look at astrology and challenge the existing realm of linear science.


  • Team is probing if there is a relation between the genetic design of a person with that of his stars? Do we borrow a part of our fate or stars from our parents and the generations before them?
  • First, the trio is shortlisting horoscopes… of three generations within a family studying the placement of stars. Then they proceed to profile their DNA. Project is being sent to CSIR for funding.

Their premise of the research: Is there a relation between the genetic design of a person with that of his stars? To put it differently do we borrow a part of our fate or the stars from our parents and the generations before them, the same way we borrow traits from their genetic make-up which they transfer to their off-spring in the forms of genes coded into our DNA?

A team of clinician (neurosurgeon), a genetic expert and a professional astrologer is trying to find answers to this question. Neurologist Dr Ashok Panagariya who is leading the team says they are trying to find a co-relation between the positioning of stars and their effect vis-a-vis the genes transferred to an offspring in the same family.

How are they planning to approach the concept? It’s a two-pronged study. They are shortlisting horoscopes (Janam Kundli) of three generations within a family and study the placement of stars and decipher their permutations in grand-father-father-son symmetry. They are seeking a pattern of transfer in the stars to run a hypothesis parallel to genome transfer. Then they would proceed with the dna testing, which is an expensive undertaking, for which they are preparing a dossier to invite funding. “We are looking to put up our case with the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) to help fund our research,” Dr Panagariya.

What will be the study’s prime objective? “Other than the predictive aspect of it, this will undoubtedly in the event of a corollary. bring astrology closer to a linear science,” he said.